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Increase Sales By Growing Your Email Subscriber List

Return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is approximately $40 per $1 spent.

Although email often gets a bad rap, a dinosaur and outdated marketing channel – nobody can deny that it is still a very effective complementary medium in the world of modern PPC, Programmatic AI and Facebook Advertising when executed properly and within context.

From my own personal experience running high-volume email marketing campaigns over the years, whether it is for leadgen or e-commerce sales – it’s a no-brainer for customer initiation, nurture, up-sells and cross-sells.

Email communications are also known to foster relationships and influence positive customer lifetime values (CLTV).

When you drive traffic through paid advertising, it is a must to collect email addresses because an email list is own real estate, you can market to these people over and over again. As long as you remain relevant and don’t piss them off.

So the question becomes, how do you grow an email list? Here’s a Get Response infographic guide to planting the seeds to grow your email list!

Paid Social Performance Marketing Sales

250+ Facebook Ad Examples To Improve Your Sales

Inside you’ll see:

  • Real-world ads to add new life to your marketing
  • Fresh ad formats to treat your audience to something new
  • Innovative sales copy to bust out of writer’s block
  • Images & graphics that stop you in your tracks

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Level Up Your Writing & Sell More

There’s too much noise out there and people are bombarded with garbage 24/7/365. Don’t be trapped in mediocrity in the era of “new normal” amid the pandemic recession where only the best survive and thrive. Probably an exaggeration, but you get it.

Learn from the digital marketing pioneer, writer, speaker Ann Handley inspire marketers and business owners like you and me to create marketing magic through copywriting that gets real-world results.

Email Marketing Performance Marketing Sales

Turn Your Marketing Leads Into Sales

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a feature that lets you manage your company’s interactions with current and potential customers. It allows you to create pipelines. Pipelines are a visual representation of a sales process, or any type of interaction with your customer that involves a series of steps. They consist of stages, and each stage contains deals.

After you’ve created a pipeline and added new deals to it, you can move them between stages, add comments, set up reminders to call or email your deals, or update important deal information. You can also group multiple contacts under one deal name, which helps you identify which product or service you’re offering them. Additionally, you can enter account manager information to help you identify who is responsible for which client.

What can I accomplish with GetResponse CRM? How is it different from other services?

Because GetResponse CRM is part of the larger GetResponse platform, you can easily establish a feedback loop between CRM and the other GetResponse features you rely on:

  • Contacts in your account become your deals. This makes it easier for you to decide which contacts qualify as deals. Search for contacts who meet specific criteria—e.g. they have a very high score based on their subscriber activity, they have regularly opened your messages, clicked on links, participated in your webinars—and save them as segments.
  • Add your pre-selected contacts to the pipeline. Move them between stages and update their deal information to keep track of how your sales deals are progressing. Use the data you collect to adjust your business and communication strategy.
  • Use CRM data to filter and group people based on which pipeline and stage they are in. You can now create segments that include vital deal information.

Simply put, you can quickly evaluate which contacts may become deals and instantly add them to a pipeline. Equally quickly, you can create new segments that include deals and schedule messages for them. The flow of information about your contacts and deals is automatic and unimpeded. So, you can be certain that you have the right people on your recipient list.

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Beat COVID-19 And Unstuck Your Business

It’s rock-bottom for most people with the ongoing lockdown, fast growing number of coronavirus cases and fatalities by the hour. People are confined in isolation, many can’t work – or have totally lost their jobs, probably worse than the 2008 and previous recessions combined.

The worldwide economy is taking a hard beating from the “financial flu” pandemic causing plummeting stock market, massive lay-offs and people tightening their belt.

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.

Warren Buffet

It’s good to run a business in bull economy – but it takes a different grit to storm a bear market.

It can’t rain forever. But why wait? It has been proven time and time again that while most are in wait-and-see mode, those who pivot and adapt quickly to the situation are the ones that don’t just survive, but thrive in any given climate.

That said, what are the things you can do to weather the storm?

Cut down on unnecessary expenses

Whether on software subscriptions or third party services that aren’t really impacting lead generation or revenue is a good start. Since we’re working from home – this is a setup worth considering even after the lockdown has been lifted. Depending on your industry and type of work, you can either adopt partial remote working or embrace it completely to save on office and equipment costs, not to mention the time lost in traffic.

Pivot your service offering and how you cater to customers

Essential products are of the advantage these days but most brick and mortar businesses don’t have proper infrastructure to operate on-demand and remotely. Invest on a website where people can place orders, make sure your social media pages are active and at synch with all your digital assets. Partner with marketplaces and list your services with FoodPanda or GrabFood.

Invest on sales-driven digital marketing

While most are canceling their marketing budgets – now is the perfect time to spend on sales-driven or leadgen ads. Remember that on any given auction like that of Facebook or Google, when there are fewer advertisers, overall cost per clicks get relatively cheaper. You get more traffic with a lesser ad budget. Just make sure these are ads that target the right people with appropriate messaging that could potentially translate into a lead or sale.

Email marketing is also a cheaper way to nurture your sales pipeline and up-sell to current customers.

Focus on organic branding

Many customers are in survival mode and are tone deaf to anything sales. Use some of your time to be active on LinkedIn and your website, build your brand through content and find ways on how you can help your community with the fight against covid-19.

Get out of the stock market and re-invest in your business

It’s probably too late to gain a positive return on investment on your stocks and investments but the worst is yet to come. Withdraw everything and use that money to re-invest in growing your business or to cover your personal expenses while your sales pipeline are dragging.

Innovate and find other income streams for your business

Given the worldwide crisis we’re facing, we’re so lucky to be in an era where technology has made it possible to do almost anything at very minimal costs. Most people are taking it for granted using the Internet as entertainment or as escape. Don’t waste the opportunity to be creative and innovate.

There will be a lot of losses left and right, but with optimism and perspective, focus on the things you can control and act. Hang in there, this too shall pass!