How To Spot A Fraudster

It’s never been easier to build a business – whether a brick and mortar, purely online or mix of both. It’s also never been confusing which content and product to consume given the sea of choices we have these days on demand 24/7.

Digital Marketing Consultants have sprouted everywhere since the industry has a very low barrier to entry and with almost no capital needed. Separating the wheat from the chaff is also a tedious undertaking to say the least.

Being in the digital marketing industry for almost 12 years working with Fortune 1000 companies, here are five red flags to look for when talking to a digital marketing consultant.

Too Good To Be True

Like all things in general, when something is too good to be true – it probably isn’t. When you hear a digital marketing consultant say stuff such as “your website will rank for X keyword to number 1 spot in Google search result in 30 days” or “You will get this amount of revenue or ROI in X number of days”, better to say OK and go home.

No Website or Portfolio of Work

How can you offer SEO if you don’t have a website or any online presence? How can you tell that you’re good with PPC if you can’t describe or show results from past work? It’s simple as prove it to me or it didn’t happen.

Can’t Explain in Simple Terms

If you don’t understand a thing your digital marketing consultant is telling you, he probably don’t know what he’s talking about. It takes keen understanding and practitioner qualities to take a complex concept and translate into easy-to-digest narrative.

So the next time you talk to a “digital marketing expert” and issue a check, make sure he can deliver or else you will not just be wasting money but more importantly, your time and even your business reputation.

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