Increase Sales By Growing Your Email Subscriber List

Return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is approximately $40 per $1 spent.

Although email often gets a bad rap, a dinosaur and outdated marketing channel – nobody can deny that it is still a very effective complementary medium in the world of modern PPC, Programmatic AI and Facebook Advertising when executed properly and within context.

From my own personal experience running high-volume email marketing campaigns over the years, whether it is for leadgen or e-commerce sales – it’s a no-brainer for customer initiation, nurture, up-sells and cross-sells.

Email communications are also known to foster relationships and influence positive customer lifetime values (CLTV).

When you drive traffic through paid advertising, it is a must to collect email addresses because an email list is own real estate, you can market to these people over and over again. As long as you remain relevant and don’t piss them off.

So the question becomes, how do you grow an email list? Here’s a Get Response infographic guide to planting the seeds to grow your email list!

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