PIXLR: The Only Free Photoshop Alternative That You Need

Once upon a time, I tried my luck with Graphic Design working for a Korean owned boutique web design shop. Photoshop was the tool of the trade and it still is for most designers I know these days.

It didn’t pan out well. Turns out that I’m a natural at Marketing and although I have an eye for good design and what sells, I did not have the actual talent for making (great) design. People sometimes think they can do anything but truth is that there are things you are cut out for and things that aren’t.

That was 15 years ago. These days, after working in Corporate for so long, here I am Freelancing and back to working from home and remotely 99% of the time (when not onsite in client meetings).

And even though I’ve accepted that I’m not a born designer, part of being a Marketer and a one-man-army Freelancer is doing some minor edits.

Photoshop is great but would get expensive with the subscription (SAAS) model they are now. ($29.99/month = $360/year). That didn’t seem like a great deal for my minimal needs.

If you’re like me and just need to make a few banner ads, album artwork, resize a photo or edit some shots for Social Media, you are gonna love it.

PIXLR: “Experience next level, intuitive photo editing with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits. Designed to be easy, you can now edit images smarter and faster for Free – with PIXLR. No steep learning curve, no design experience needed.”

There are two versions:

  • PIXLR X. The easy-to-use photo editor perfect for quick photo edits and adding one click filters.
  • PIXLR E. The more powerful version that is very similar to Photoshop. 

Check it out using the links below.

Main sitehttps://pixlr.com/
PIXLR Xhttps://pixlr.com/x/
PIXLR Ehttps://pixlr.com/e/

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