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What Is A Landing Page?

We all have encountered this:

You’re browsing social media or searching something on Google and clicked an ad that took you to this web page in long format like a sales letter or a short one with bullet description and a sign-up form. That is what we call a Landing Page.

A Landing page is usually a separate page from your website that aims a specific action from the user.

Marketers in particular cringe when an ad is directed to a website’s homepage – especially if the ad is talking about a very specific topic and requires a specific Call To Action. This CTA can be in many forms such as a sale, sign-up, call or inquiry.

A good landing page has only one objective: prompting visitors to do the one action you want them to do and convert. This is why many landing pages don’t have menus or a ton of external links—you want your visitor to complete the call to action, not navigate away or get distracted.

Before you engage with any pay-per-click or Facebook advertising campaign and pour money down the drain, Learn how to make effective landing pages to ensure higher chances of success and ROI from your marketing efforts.

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