Why Following Best Practices Is Not A Good Practice After All

We are often told to “follow best practices” or “don’t fix what isn’t broken”. Logically, it’s a safe advice to give anyone.

The only problem? It breeds mediocrity and laziness. A one-size fits all thinking definitely does not apply to every situation.

Instead of following best practices, take it as a grain of salt, incorporate those factors you believe in and iterate the rest you don’t agree with. Come up with your own hypothesis and creative ways in solving problems or whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

One specific example is when everyone is shifting to a marketing tactic and going all in. Because why not? it works and that’s the reason why everyone is doing it in the first place.

Facebook ads is the biggest marketing channel these days alongside Google. But going all in and ignoring others – such as email, content, SMS and others is just ridiculous. Why not adopt an omni-channel thinking?

Do you think that your customers are not using multiple devices, with different browsing behaviors hopping from one platform to another while doing research on your product? Because some marketing guru told you a “best practice” is to focus and put in all your marketing budget on FB Ads.

Or the other way around. “Facebook and Google have become expensive and too saturated, TikTok is the new big thing”

Except that when your customers are businesses. Isn’t that LinkedIn and Email are more appropriate for your target market?

This too may sound familiar… “Do campaign X with Y strategy and then scale this S**t out by doing Z”. Sounds promising. What’s the catch? Every business is different targeting different customers. Not to mention other factors like pricing, geo, value proposition, etc.

In everyday life, this also rings true. We were advised to go to school and take a particular course, be a good student and later on apply in a big corporation because salary pays well. Is it something you want to do or you’ll excel at?

Following best practices isn’t always the best thing to do. So, the next time someone preaches you of something, listen but don’t accept it as a gospel. Do your own. Do You!

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